Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost Ready to Prime

I've faired, and sanded. I've removed everything from the deck including the hatches and portlights. I've filled everything that needs it. I'm going to try to prime on sunday. This is a more difficult job than normal because i'm in the water tied to the dock. I need to relocated all of my lines to the mast. I just hope the winds don't pick up. I still need to remove, inspect and replace the chainplates; fair the traveller rail; coat the faired areas with unthickened epoxy; wash, scrub, then degrease the deck again; sand the entire deck again; tape off the portlights, hatches, toerails, and cockpit lockers; and wake up early on sunday to degrease the deck and prime, using the roll and tip method. pics to follow. I also decided not to paint the hull super jet black when I pull her. I think I'm going to stick with light gray for the entire boat. Black would just be entirely too hot down below in 82 degree year round weather. Damn it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Act Of Fairing Sucks

I've faired my big repairs about 4 times now and I am not happy with the process. I need to mix more epoxy and just build the whole damn thing up an longboard sand it down.
I took off my seahood. It has cracks all along the edges. Luckily the lip that the seahood attaches to isn't beat up. I am going to remove my chocks, cleat and waste fill cap up on the bow. I ordered new ones. The cleats I ordered are the attwood pull up flush cleats. I'm going to mount two of them up front, and to the side of where the original one is located. I found a website where they are cheap. I also ordered new high speed flush hinges for my lids in the cockpit and anchor locker. That website has free ups ground shipping also. I'm going to fill cracks in my seahood and fair the deck some more tonight.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Faired repairs, cleaned deck

I have every other Friday off work, due to a very lenient federal job system. I took the opportunity to work on the boat. I plan on priming the topsides soon in an effort to distinguish minor imperfections in my spot repair and fairing. I will then correct all the imperfections and prime again. Because I'm so close to painting and I'm not removing my toe rails, I need to tape them off. I want them spotless first so I scrubbed the hell out of my toe rails with a scrub brush and it took about two hours. I then began cleaning my interior since I'm motoring to the sandbar on Saturday and the cabin is trashed. I can't believe how much crap was in there. It took about six hours before I was ready to actually work on anything topsides. When I did get to work, I faired the starboard and bow repair, ground out and acetoned many cracks in the gel coat, and attempted to spot fill the small imperfections with 3M high strength marine repair filler. It is a two part system, turns blue when mixed and unfortunately kicks in about 7 minutes. I was not used to the speed since I've been working with 209 tropical hardener from west system.
Saturday I'm going to head out to the marina(6 minutes away) and dewax the topsides with awl-prep before the sun gets too hot, and sand the whole deck down with a random orbital. I don't want anyone cutting their feet on filler, when they're drunk on board, at the sandbar. I'll post picks when I get back. I bought a new camera from the navy exchange at pearl harbor.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Glassed starboard

Glassed the starboard side and faired the port side. I also found a "void" from the factory in a delaminated spot up on the bow. It made a hollow sound when i hit it and upon further investigation (grinding) i found the balsa sheets must have married up here and there was a 1/3 inch drop from one sheet to the other. This resulted in a void where the skin was not attached to the core. There was also some wood putty in there. Original gelcoat and no evidence of prior repair. I just ground it out and glassed it with a few more layers than needed. I also had a 8 foot hammerhead shark banging up against the side of my hull where the fenders are in the picture. It was chasing something in between the boat and the pier and must have gotten caught for a sec. Wish I had a pic of that.