Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Winches and Jib tracks finally on.

I properly mounted the primaries and secondaries so I got clean, rebuilt winches finally. I mounted the jib tracks and I'm getting ready to drill/fill the genny track holes. I plan on going sailing on both sat and sun. I'm also going to fly my spinnaker if I can mount my blocks by the weekend.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mounting Primary

Measured and marked holes with base of winch. Masked whole area with 3M tape to contain mess. Drilled holes oversize with 3/4 inch forstner bit. Mixed west system and pre-filled holes with unthickened epoxy. Went below and drained each hole back into mixing cup. Mixed in colloidal silica thickener until mayo consistency. Injected thickened epoxy into holes with syringe. Only filled up to 1/8 inch below surface due to the fact that the epoxy rises a bit. Here's the hardened result. Spent all night cleaning/re greasing, and building primary winch.
Ground the hardened epoxy down to the surface. Acetoned, then put base of other winch down and centered the holes over the enlarged, filled holes, and marked with a marker. Removed winch base and predrilled a pilot hole with a small bit on low at a slow speed in order to prevent the epoxy from cracking. I then drilled a 3/8 inch hole through the pilot hole in order to facilitate the 5/16 bolt of the primary. I recessed the holes with a 3/4 inch recess bit(chamfer). This will allow more sealant to collect around each bolt and form an o-ring of sealant. I then acetoned the holes, the base of the primary, and the bolts. I put down a generous amount of 3M 4000UV sealant around each hole and the perimeter of the base. I then installed the base of the winch. I went below and installed the fender washers and lock nuts. I tightened everything down with an impact driver. I went topsides and cleaned the excess sealant from the edge of the base. Removed the tape surrounding the base. Acetoned everything until satisfied. and then put the winch drum back on the base.
Here is the final result and I only have three more to go. (I'm not reinstalling my halyard winches, I'm only mounting my secondaries which will double as halyard winches. I'll just need to buy locking snatch blocks in order to free up my secondaries for raising the spin halyard, and just change the genny sheet on my primaries to spin sheet, and vice versa.

Monday, August 4, 2008

After pics

Notice the flattened nonskid has more contrast with the shiny coat, due to flattening agent mixed with the paint.
It's good... now on to mounting hardware. Primaries first. I'm not in a hurry to remount stanchions and pulpits because I still need to fabricate backing plates and epoxy them to the underside of the deck. I'm going to take my time and do it right. Besides ,I'm not going open water at the present time and the lack of lifelines is more convienient.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Another coat of non-skid (before pics)

Taped but not trimmed.
Notice the uneven brush/roller marks in the unflattened first coat picture of the deck below.


I already have so much time invested in this deck rebuild, whats another two days worth of work. I scrubbed the deck with TSP on tuesday, Taped the non skid areas on wednesday, Sanded the bow and deck on thursday, AndI got up at 530 and started sanding the nonskid on last time with a longboard and small block for the tape line. I awlprepped it, alcohol wiped it, and put one last coat of flattened awlgrip with a conservative amount of course griptex particles. (I guess thats more than two days). I mixed up too much. I was worried about running out so I didn't plan on recoating the cockpit. I wish I had, I had about a quart of mix left over. I'm glad i bought so much paint but I probably only needed half. Overall I'm happier with the result. I kept a wet edge and went more carefully this time, we'll see if it looks good once its dry. It might take me a while to remount everything cause I'm out of cash and I need roughly $1300 for all my new things I want. I'm getting a harken windward sheeting traveller system, new t-tracks for my blocks, new fasteners for everything, and a new halyard block and clutch for my main halyard, and G10 frp for backing plates. Then if I win the lottery which might be difficult since I don't play, I'm getting a harken MKIV roller furling for the front, that'll be another $3300 with a sail. I'll stop rambling now.