Thursday, September 18, 2008

Putting old traveler back on

I reinstalled everything and added two big offshore camcleats spread a little wider than their original positions on the deck. I also added new jamcleats near the primaries. I still need new jamcleats near secondaries, Both pulpits and all stanchions and bases reinstalled, however I need to make backing plates first so it might be awhile. Here's some more pics.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More hardware on

Alot of holes to mark, over-drill, tape, fill, remark, chamfer, re-drill, re-tape, clean, seal, and mount. This is a time consuming process and it sucks. In order to do it right, it takes a lot of time and patience. It's no wonder people cut corners when re-bedding hardware. I'm also doing it myself so I'm constantly running topsides and then down below decks to tighten each bolt with the help of vicegrips wedged against something, to hold the nut while I tighten it.I've got both Genoa tracks, clutches, deck organizers, backstay adjustment eye pad, foreguy eye pad and bullet fairleads, and the port side spin block eyepad properly re-mounted. I still need to mount the camcleats (3) for double-ended foreguy, and topping lift, the starboard eyepad for spin block, and a stand-up block that I originally bought to replace a blown halyard mast block that I decided to not mount, instead I will mount it up close to the Bow for a tack line to fly an asymmetrical spinnaker. Overall I'm pleased with my new deck layout. I have new cordage en route. I plan to eventually run a reefing line to the cockpit via the port organizer( i bought two (4) sheave models so I have an unused sheave). I also plan to rig a lazy jack system that I can control from the cockpit as well.

I also bought a trick throttle cable and mounting brackets to replace my choke/kill cable for the Yanmar. My old one required two hands and a lot of strength to pull. I remounted it in a new location as you can see in the picture. I also used an unused Spinlock bulls-eye fairlead as a handle for the cable and when my new cordage comes in I'll tie a monkey fist knot to it, and it will look sweet. Pics to follow. Mango out.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Transom work

I removed the chainplates, swim ladder, from the back of the boat. The transom is thicker than I thought (about 2 inches). The chainplate holes were mostly dry. The fasteners for everything were rusting.

I overdrilled every hole and sealed with very thick epoxy. I will redrill and remount the chainplates/backstay this evening. The ladder needs to be cleaned up or replaced.
I'm mostly concerned with waterproofing the core with the epoxy fill method.

I may also add backing plates to the chainplates at that time.