Monday, March 31, 2008

Topsides Prep

I removed the boom, mainsheet, and started to fill the cabin with all the materials I need to complete my topsides rebuild. I plan on removing all deck hardware, except for the toe rails, cleats and chocks(I'm still in the water). I have a soft spot in front of my port side primary winch( due to faulty bedding job of a cam cleat and the Genoa track). I am going to remove the skin, replace the balsa and put the old skin back on. Bevel, glass, fair, and prime. I also have delamination on the starboard side behind my chainplates. I plan on removing the skin and rebuilding the same way. I don't like my instruments on the bulkhead forward of the cockpit, so I'm removing them and filling, fairing, painting over those two areas so their smooth. I then plan on filling/fairing every crack, chip and hole, oversize drilling every fastener hole for stantions/hardware/etc. and reinforcing with epoxy/filler. Then priming/ painting/ nonskidding everything with Awl-grip light gray. Using the Awl-grip nonskid additive(maybe 407 silica). I'll take pics soon. I want to thank Jason"Rattle and Hum" for the inspiration and support.