Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wet Core Under Primary

I faired the instrument holes a few times. With a full day off to work on the boat, I arrived early and anticipated a long day. I was correct. The plan was to rip up the skin and old core from under the left primary. I knew it was wet and had to be replaced. I read and studied all about the subject. It was still pretty difficult to take a cut-off wheel to a seemingly good outer skin.
I thought I could save the skin, clean it and then rebond it. That way I would only have to reglass the beveled edge. That plan did not work. The skin was still pretty well attached to the dry areas of balsa. I wish I would have taken picture of what everything looked like when I ripped it up, but I was too envolved. After 8 hours of pulling and grinding and cutting. I had a clean slate. I cut a new piece of plywood and glassed it in. I then cut the balsa to fit, I acetoned everything and mixed up alot of thickened resin. I attempted to fill the void areas first, then paint the resin onto the core before I pressed it in. I placed the new balsa in and cover the site with release fabric, I then placed two huge trash bags full with sand over the core to compress it while it kicked. It only took 2 hours in the 85 degree sun. I then removed the bags and mixed up more thickened resin and spackled all the remaining voids. This ate up a half gallon of west system. I really just needed a waterproof seal to finish the day. I'm going to honolulu during lunch and spending a fortune on another gallon of resin. I already have the slower"tropical" hardener unopened. I should have used that instead of the slow hardener for the core. Tonight I bevel, grind, fill and glass over the repaired core. More pics to follow.

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